Exmark Radius X-Series RZX921GKA604A3

Professional Grade Mowing Solution:

The Exmark Radius X-Series RZX921GKA604A3 stands out as a top choice for landscaping professionals who require a robust, efficient, and comfortable mower that can easily tackle extensive and challenging mowing tasks. This mower enhances productivity and ensures every cut meets the highest standards of quality and precision.


Exmark Radius X-Series RZX921GKA604A3: Robust Commercial Mowing with Advanced Comfort Features

The Exmark Radius X-Series RZX921GKA604A3 is engineered for professionals seeking the power and productivity of a premium commercial mower without the high cost. Equipped with a 60-inch UltraCut Series 4 cutting deck and a powerful Kawasaki FX921 engine, this zero-turn mower handles large areas efficiently, delivering a superior cut and enhanced durability.

Key Features:

  • 60-inch UltraCut Series 4 Cutting Deck: Offers a wide cutting path for increased efficiency, perfect for large commercial properties. The deck features Exmark’s exclusive maintenance-free sealed-bearing spindle assemblies, enhancing durability and reducing downtime.
  • Kawasaki FX921 Engine: This engine provides the high-performance output necessary for demanding commercial applications, ensuring consistent results even under harsh conditions.

Enhanced Handling and Traction:

  • Integrated Hydro-Gear Transmissions: Work seamlessly with aggressive 24-inch Kenda drive tires to offer unmatched traction and control, with up to 10 mph forward speeds.
  • Upgraded Casters: These feature maintenance-free tapered caster pivot bearings, cast steel caster forks, and large semi-pneumatic caster tires, ensuring years of maintenance-free performance.

Operator Comfort and Efficiency:

  • Full-Suspension Operator Seat: Adjustable with three inches of suspension and an EVC stretch foam base, offering superior all-day mowing comfort.
  • Isolated Floor Pan: Reduces vibration and noise, enhancing comfort during long mowing sessions.

Maintenance and Service Convenience:

  • Easy Service Access: The floor pan and belt shields are designed to be removed easily without tools, making accessing the belts and top of the cutting deck more straightforward for routine maintenance.
  • Standard Welded Jack Receiver: This receiver facilitates easier service of the underside of the deck, especially when combined with the optional jack.

Design and Build Quality:

  • Heavy-Duty Fabricated Frame: Built from 2×3-inch frame tubes, the fully welded frame places major components lower for a lower center of gravity and better mass centralization, resulting in improved traction and stability.


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