Exmark Quest E-Series QZE725GKC42200

Ideal for Residential Use with a Commercial Touch:

The Exmark Quest E-Series QZE725GKC42200 combines the essential features of a commercial mower with the needs of a residential user, offering a durable, efficient, and comfortable mowing experience. This model is perfect for homeowners who desire a mower that’s easy to handle but robust enough to tackle complex mowing tasks with professional-grade results.


Exmark Quest E-Series QZE725GKC42200: Precision Mowing for Mid-Sized Properties

The Exmark Quest E-Series QZE725GKC42200 is expertly designed for homeowners seeking a professional-grade mowing solution for small to mid-sized properties. This mower delivers exceptional cut quality and performance. It has a 42-inch welded steel cutting deck and is powered by a robust 22-horsepower Kohler engine.

Key Features:

  • 42-inch Welded Steel Cutting Deck: This deck offers compact and efficient cutting performance, ideal for navigating through smaller or mid-sized properties with precision.
  • Powerful 22-Horsepower Kohler Engine: Provides reliable power and performance, ensuring smooth operation and consistency in various mowing conditions.

Enhanced Performance and Convenience:

  • Simple, Easy Adjustments: Features a single-point height adjust system, allowing easy changes to the cutting deck’s height to match specific mowing needs.
  • Engine Protection: The vehicle includes a standard rear engine guard, which provides increased protection for critical engine components and enhances durability.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Equipped with a single 3.0-gallon fuel tank for extended mowing sessions, reducing the frequency of fill-ups.

Durability and Handling:

  • Commercial-Grade Tires: These come with commercial-grade front caster tires and rear drive tires, which offer increased traction and superior handling, especially on uneven terrain.
  • Professional Styling and Comfort: Boasts Exmark’s commercial styling with a premium ergonomic seat system delivers a smooth, comfortable ride even over rough surfaces.

Versatility and Maintenance:

  • Side Discharge Clippings: Can side discharging clippings, with options to bag or mulch using optional Exmark Original accessories, providing versatility depending on the landscaping needs.


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