LS Tractor MT774CPS

The MT774CPS from LS Tractor is tailored for efficiency and effectiveness in demanding scenarios, equipped with powerful tools and comfort amenities to handle prolonged and challenging tasks effortlessly.


The LS Tractor MT774CPS is engineered for high-intensity, heavy-duty tasks that demand a potent yet compact tractor. This model is ideal for operations like hay baling and other utility jobs, offering a blend of power, efficiency, and high-end features. It provides a premium package without requiring diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), making it an excellent choice for those seeking performance and efficiency.

Key Features of the LS Tractor MT774CPS:

  • Engine and Performance:
    • Engine Type: 4 Cylinder CRDI Water-cooled, Model F34.
    • Engine HP (Gross): 73.7 HP.
    • PTO HP: 65.6 HP.
    • Rated Speed: 2200 RPM.
    • Displacement: 206.7 cubic inches.
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 30.4 gallons.
  • Transmission and Drive:
    • Transmission Type: 24 X 24 Power Shuttle, ensuring smooth and responsive handling for various tasks.
    • Brakes: Wet Multi-disc, providing reliable and effective stopping power.
    • Forward Speed Range: 0.9 – 20.8 mph, catering to a broad spectrum of operational needs.
  • Hydraulic System and PTO:
    • Hydraulic Flow: Total of 22.2 GPM, combining a 15.7 GPM implement pump with a 6.5 GPM steering pump.
    • PTO Type: Independent, with rear RPM options of 540, 750, and 1000, adaptable for multiple attachments.
    • Hitch Lift Capacity: 7275 lbs at the hitch end, equipped for substantial lifting tasks.
  • Comfort and Usability:
    • Spacious Cabin: Offers impressive interior space and high-end specifications like LED lamps for enhanced visibility and comfort.
    • Standard Air Suspension and Instructor Seat: Ensures comfort and convenience during extended use.
    • Standard Interior Power Source and Optional Third Rear Remote: Provides additional utility and flexibility in operation.
  • Additional Features:
    • Standard Electric Engaged Independent PTO: Enhances convenience and efficiency.
    • Remote Valves: 3 pairs in the front and 2 in the rear, expanding hydraulic capabilities.
  • Dimensions and Weight:
    • Overall Length: 152.2 inches.
    • Overall Width with Tires: 78.7 inches.
    • Wheelbase: 90 inches.
    • Height to Top: 105 inches.
    • Total Weight Without Ballast: 7827 lbs.

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