LS Tractor MT7101CPS

The MT7101CPS is tailored for those who demand a robust, high-capacity tractor with advanced features. It ensures exceptional performance and efficiency for the most challenging agricultural tasks.


The LS Tractor MT7101CPS represents the pinnacle of the MT7 series, boasting 101 horsepower and a host of premium features designed for high-demand agricultural tasks. This model combines power, efficiency, and ergonomic design to provide an optimal working environment for extensive farming operations.

Key Features of the LS Tractor MT7101CPS:

  • Engine and Performance:
    • Engine Type: 4 Cylinder CRDI Water-cooled, Model F5G.
    • Engine HP (Gross): 100.6 HP.
    • PTO HP: 85.5 HP.
    • Rated Speed: 2200 RPM.
    • Displacement: 206.7 cubic inches.
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 30.4 gallons.
    • Emissions: Tier 4 Final, ensuring environmental compliance with reduced emissions.
  • Transmission and Drive:
    • Transmission Type: Power Shuttle with 40 X 40 speeds, providing efficient and comfortable handling in demanding applications.
    • Forward Speed Range: 0.1 – 22.6 mph, allowing precise speed adjustments according to task requirements.
  • Hydraulic System and PTO:
    • Hydraulic Flow: Total of 22.2 GPM, combining a 15.7 GPM implement pump with a 6.5 GPM steering pump.
    • PTO Type: Independent / Ground Speed PTO with rear RPM options of 540, 750, and 1000, adaptable for various attachments.
    • Hitch Lift Capacity: 8378 lbs at the hitch end, efficiently supporting heavy-duty implements.
  • Comfort and Usability:
    • Spacious Cab: Provides a climate-controlled working environment, featuring right-side cab access for easy entry and exit.
    • Ergonomic Design: Includes an instructor’s seat and accessible controls for various applications, enhancing operator comfort and efficiency.
  • Additional Features:
    • Goodyear LSW Tires: Ensure better traction and less field compaction.
    • Standard Factory Grille Guard with Loader: Protects body panels and radiator while adding functionality.
    • Four Standard Rear Worklights: Offer significant illumination for night operations.
  • Dimensions and Weight:
    • Overall Length: 152.2 inches.
    • Wheelbase: 90 inches.
    • Overall Width with Tires: 78.7 inches.
    • Height to Top: 105.4 inches.
    • Total Weight Without Ballast: 7714 lbs.

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