LS Tractor MT573C

The MT573C is tailored for those who need a reliable and efficient tractor with high horsepower and ergonomic features, making it a versatile tool for heavy-duty farming and advanced agricultural tasks. Its large fuel capacity and spacious cab ensure productivity and comfort.


The LS Tractor MT573C offers a powerful combination of performance and comfort, making it ideal for extensive agricultural applications. With a spacious cab and advanced features, this tractor is designed to provide unsurpassed efficiency and ease of operation.

Key Features of the LS Tractor MT573C:

  • Engine and Performance:
    • Engine Type: Vertical Water-Cooled 4-cycle Diesel Engine, Model L4C25-T.
    • Engine HP (Gross): 73 HP.
    • PTO HP: 62 HP.
    • Rated Speed: 2500 RPM.
    • Displacement: 152.9 cubic inches.
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 26.4 gallons.
    • Emission: EPA Tier4F, ensuring reduced emissions and enhanced environmental compliance.
  • Transmission and Drive:
    • Transmission Type: Fully Synchronized Transmission & 20 x 20 (with creep) Powershuttle, enabling smooth gear changes without stopping.
    • No. of Speeds: F20 x R20, providing superior control and precision for various applications.
  • Hydraulic System and PTO:
    • Hydraulic Flow: The total flow is 19.8 GPM, combining a 13.2 GPM implement pump with a 6.6 GPM steering pump.
    • PTO Type: Independent, with standard rear RPM options of 540 / 750 / 1000, versatile for different implements.
    • Hitch Lift Capacity: 6614 lbs, with extendable lower links to easily attach various implements.
  • Comfort and Usability:
    • Cab Features include air conditioning, heat, front washer/wiper, interior lighting, and an ergonomically designed flat operator platform with a rubber mat for increased comfort.
    • Roomy Cab: Provides ample space and visibility, enhancing operator comfort during long hours of use.
  • Additional Features:
    • Standard 3 Sets of Remote Valves with Detent: This adds functionality and improves ease of use by allowing the attachment of hydraulically controlled implements without additional costs.
    • Standard Rear Work Light and 7 Pin Connector: Improves visibility and provides electrical power for implements.
  • Dimensions and Weight:
    • Overall Length with 3pt: 150 inches.
    • Overall Width with Tires: 77.5 inches.
    • Wheelbase: 84.6 inches.
    • Height to Top: 104.4 inches.
    • Total Weight Without Ballast: 6620 lbs.

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