LS Tractor MRT3072A Tiller

The MRT3072A tiller from LS Tractor is engineered to provide robust and effective soil-turning capabilities. Its advanced features and solid construction make it an indispensable tool for anyone needing efficient and productive soil preparation. Whether for farming, gardening, or building, this tiller enhances the functionality and productivity of medium-sized tractors, making it a valuable addition to any agricultural equipment fleet.


The LS Tractor MRT3072A tiller is a robust and efficient attachment for various soil preparation tasks, including planting gardens, food plots, and construction-grade leveling. This tiller is perfect for turning dirt and ensuring thorough soil mixing and aeration, making it an essential tool for enhancing land productivity.

Key Features of the LS Tractor MRT3072A Tiller:

  • Performance and Specifications:
    • Overall Width: 79 inches, providing ample coverage for efficient soil preparation.
    • Working Width: 74 inches, allowing for comprehensive and quick soil turnover.
    • Tractor Power Requirement: 30 to 50 HP, making it suitable for a wide range of medium-sized tractors.
    • Tractor Hitch Category: I or II, offering versatile attachment options.
    • PTO Speed: 540 RPM, ensuring optimal performance and blade speed.
    • Rotor Revolutions at PTO 540: 242 RPM, providing effective soil penetration and mixing.
    • Rotor Work Diameter: 17.8 inches, enhancing the depth and quality of tilling.
    • Working Depth: 7.3 inches, adjustable to accommodate various soil conditions and needs.
    • Type of Hoe Blades/Quantity: Curved hoe blades, 6 per flange, totaling 54 blades, designed for thorough soil cutting and turnover.
  • Durability and Construction:
    • Weight: 652 lbs, adding stability and effectiveness in soil manipulation.
    • Noise Level: 87.2 dB, within acceptable limits for continuous operation without significant noise pollution.


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