LS Tractor LW3168 A Snowblower

The LW3168 A snowblower from LS Tractor is engineered to deliver exceptional snow-clearing performance and reliability. Its robust construction and powerful snow removal capabilities make it an essential tool for maintaining accessibility and safety during heavy snowfalls. Whether for residential or commercial use, this snowblower enhances the functionality and productivity of compatible LS Tractors, making winter maintenance more manageable.


The LS Tractor LW3168 A snowblower is a high-performance, quick-attach attachment designed to handle heavy snowfall efficiently. It is equipped with advanced features for effective snow clearing and offers power and ease of use for those facing harsh winter conditions.

Key Features of the LS Tractor LW3168 A Snowblower:

  • Performance and Specifications:
    • Overall Width (with side extensions): 68 inches, providing a broad clearing path for efficient snow removal.
    • Cutting Width: 68 inches, allowing for quick clearing of large areas.
    • Cutting Height: 23 inches, capable of handling deep snowfalls.
    • Impeller Drive: Gearbox, ensuring reliable power transmission.
    • Auger Drive: Worm gear designed for durability and consistent performance.
    • Auger Diameter: 13 3/4 inches, enabling adequate snow intake.
    • Impeller Diameter: 17 5/8 inches, optimized for maximum snow-throwing distance.
    • Number of Blades on Impeller: 4, enhancing snow expulsion capabilities.
  • Durability and Ease of Use:
    • Chute Rotation: Hydraulic, providing easy control of snow discharge direction.
    • Adjustable Heavy Skid Shoes: Yes, they are available in three positions (0”, 1/2”, 1”) and can be adjusted for varying snow conditions and surfaces.
    • Auger Shear Bolt Protection: It prevents debris or hard ice damage.
    • Impeller Shear Bolt Protection: It adds a layer of safety and equipment protection.
  • Physical Specifications:
    • Approximate Shipping Weight: 500 lbs, ensuring stability during operation.
  • Compatibility:
    • Specifically, it is Compatible With MT335H, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance with this model.


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