LS Tractor XJ Series Cab

The XJ Series Cab from LS Tractor is engineered to deliver exceptional comfort and utility. Its advanced features and solid construction make it an indispensable addition for any XJ Series tractor owner, enhancing productivity and comfort in challenging weather conditions. Whether for farming, landscaping, or general maintenance, this cab transforms the tractor into a year-round workhorse.


The LS Tractor XJ Series Cab is designed to enhance the functionality and comfort of the XJ Series tractors. Offering a fully equipped cabin that integrates seamlessly with existing tractor features, this cab is ideal for operators seeking protection from the elements and enhanced operational efficiency.

Key Features of the LS Tractor XJ Series Cab:

  • Comfort and Functionality:
    • Interior Lighting: Provides ample illumination for early morning or late evening operations, ensuring visibility and safety.
    • Exterior Lighting: Enhances visibility during adverse weather conditions or in low-light environments, promoting safer and more productive work.
    • Wiper: It is equipped with a windshield wiper to maintain clear visibility during rain or snow, which is essential for continuous operation in all weather conditions.
  • Design and Integration:
    • Cab Mounts: Designed to mount around existing tractor features without modification, ensuring a clean and secure fit.
    • Ergonomic Layout: The cab’s layout is thoughtfully designed to provide maximum comfort and ease of use, with controls and features placed within easy reach.
  • Durability and Protection:
    • Sturdy Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of agricultural work while providing a comfortable, weather-proof environment.

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