LS Tractor LB2103 Backhoe

The LB2103 backhoe from LS Tractor is designed to deliver outstanding performance and reliability, enhancing the functionality and productivity of MT3 Series tractors in any demanding agricultural or construction setting. Its solid construction and advanced capabilities make it an essential tool for any operation requiring efficient and effective digging solutions.


The LS Tractor LB2103 backhoe is a powerful and efficient digging attachment explicitly designed for compatibility with the MT3 Series tractors. Ideal for various digging, trenching, and backfilling tasks, the LB2103 enhances the versatility and productivity of LS Tractors in agricultural, landscaping, and light construction environments.

Key Features of the LS Tractor LB2103 Backhoe:

  • Digging and Operational Performance:
    • Digging Depth: 89.7 inches, allowing for deep excavations suitable for various applications.
    • Reach from the Centerline of the Swing Pivot: 125.1 inches, providing extensive reach to enhance digging efficiency.
    • Loading Height: 72.4 inches, enabling easy material handling and loading.
    • Swing Arc: 180 degrees, offering complete rotational maneuverability for comprehensive workspace utilization.
    • Bucket Rotation: 180 degrees, allowing precise material placement and efficient digging.
  • Stability and Safety:
    • Stabilizer Spread (Down Position): 68.7 inches, ensuring a stable base during operation.
    • Stabilizer Spread (Up Position): 46.4 inches, compact enough for easy movement and storage.
    • Bucket Digging Force: 2679 lbs, robust sufficient for harsh soil conditions and excavation tasks.
  • Design and Construction:
    • Transport Height: 83.5 inches, optimized for easy movement and transition between job sites.


  • Tailored for seamless integration with MT3 Series LS Tractors, ensuring optimal performance and handling.


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