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Ferris ISX™ 3300: A Technological Leap in Mowing Performance

The Ferris ISX™ 3300 stands at the cutting edge of lawn care technology, integrating next-generation features for an unparalleled mowing experience. This powerhouse combines ForeFront™ Suspension, a redesigned iCD™+ cutting system, and a robust Hydro-Gear® ZT-5400 drive system, capable of reaching speeds up to 12 mph. Select models are further enhanced with EFI-ETC technology, offering significant fuel savings, easy starts, and smooth, consistent performance across the board.

Innovative iCD™+ Cutting System

The latest iCD™+ Cutting System, available on select models, brings next-level performance, increased durability, and superior cutting results, ensuring a pristine finish in a variety of conditions.

Convenient On-the-Go Charging

With the inclusion of a 12V-60V USB Type A & C port on the dash panel, the ISX™ 3300 ensures your devices stay charged, enhancing convenience without interrupting your workflow.

Advanced ForeFront™ Suspension System

The ForeFront™ Suspension System features a sophisticated arrangement of control rods and mower-specific shocks, maintaining optimal front caster bearing alignment for a smoother ride, precise terrain tracking, and an impeccable cut.

Powerful Vanguard BIG BLOCK™ Engine

Select models are equipped with the Vanguard BIG BLOCK™ EFI-ETC engine, boasting a 500-hour oil change interval and 40 hp*. This engine is specially designed to tackle thick, dense, and wet conditions with ease, providing unmatched cutting performance.

High-Performance Drive System

The mower is propelled by dual commercial Hydro-Gear® ZT-5400 Powertrain® transaxles, complemented by 9″ cooling fans for enhanced durability and reliability under harsh mowing conditions.

Hercules™ II Cast-Iron Spindles

Featuring Hercules™ II Cast-Iron spindles, with 10″ diameter cast-iron and industrial double-row angular contact ball bearings for a robust and durable cutting platform.

Vanguard Electronic Throttle Control

Select models incorporate Vanguard Electronic Throttle Control, optimizing engine power for consistent blade tip speed and a uniform cut, regardless of the terrain or conditions.


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ISX™ 3300


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