Ferris ISX™ 2200 5902080


Ferris ISX™ 2200: Elevating Mowing to New Heights of Productivity and Comfort

The Ferris ISX™ 2200 stands at the pinnacle of mowing innovation, featuring the most advanced ForeFront™ Suspension technology for unparalleled operator comfort. With its cutting-edge design, this mower not only promises but delivers on the promise of enhanced productivity, comfort, and durability, making it an ideal choice for professionals seeking to maximize their mowing efficiency.

Advanced iCD™+ Cutting System

The newly redesigned iCD™+ Cutting System, available on select models, sets a new standard for cut quality. Engineered for next-level performance, this system offers increased durability and superior mowing results, ensuring a pristine cut across a variety of conditions.

Convenient On-the-Go Charging

A modern touch to the ISX™ 2200 is the inclusion of a 12V-60V USB Type A & C port on the dash panel, providing easy access for charging devices directly from the mower, enhancing convenience for the operator.

ForeFront™ Suspension System for a Smooth Ride

The ForeFront™ Suspension System utilizes a sophisticated arrangement of control rods and mower-specific shocks to maintain the optimal position of the front caster bearing throughout the mower’s range of motion. This advanced design ensures a smoother ride, precise terrain following, and a consistently high-quality cut.

Powerful Vanguard BIG BLOCK™ Engine

Selected models are powered by the Vanguard BIG BLOCK™ EFI-ETC engine with Oil Guard, boasting a 500-hour oil change interval and 40 hp*. This engine is designed to excel in thick, dense, and wet conditions, offering unmatched cutting performance.

Premium Seating for Optimal Comfort

The ISX™ 2200 features a premium high-back suspension seat with adjustable lumbar support, back recline, and armrests on select models, enhancing operator comfort over long mowing sessions. The ISX3300 also includes an additional headrest for even greater comfort.

Durable Hydro-Gear ZT-4400™ Transaxles

Equipped with dual-commercial Hydro-Gear ZT-4400™ transaxles, featuring 8.3″ cooling fans to effectively repel debris, the ISX™ 2200 is built for power and longevity, ensuring consistent performance under demanding conditions.

Easy-to-Adjust Cutting Height

A foot-operated deck lift with an adjustable pedal allows for precise cut height adjustments in 1/4″ increments, ranging from 1.5″- 5″, providing flexibility and precision for every mowing task.

Robust Mower Warranties

Ferris demonstrates its commitment to quality and durability with comprehensive warranties, including 5 years (60 months) coverage for coil-over-shocks and all suspension-related components, guaranteeing performance, productivity, and durability without compromise.


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