ECHO EG-3500 3500W Generator

EG-3500 Generator: Power and Peace of Mind Combined

The EG-3500 Generator is a testament to the fusion of power and convenience, offering a reliable power source for various settings. Its thoughtful design and safety features ensure that the job is done at your convenience and with peace of mind as a priority.


EG-3500 Generator: Your Versatile Power Solution

The EG-3500 generator embodies the ideal blend of professional-grade power and user-friendly design, making it an excellent choice for various applications. Whether providing electricity for outdoor adventures, powering tools on a job site, or offering backup for minor home emergencies, the EG-3500 is ready to meet your needs with reliability and ease.

Critical Features for Dependable Performance

  • 212 cc 4-Stroke Engine: Delivers robust and reliable power wherever and whenever needed.
  • 3500 Maximum Wattage: Capable of powering job sites or providing emergency power for your home.
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator: Ensures a consistent voltage and power output, maintaining the safety and efficiency of your connected devices.
  • Circuit Breaker Protection: Safeguards the generator and your electronics from damage caused by overload situations.

Designed with User Convenience in Mind

  • Covered Outlets: Protects the generator during storage and transport.
  • Folding Handles and Wheel Kit: Enhance portability, making moving the generator across various terrains easy.
  • Fuel Gauge and Low Oil Shutdown: Offer added convenience and safety, ensuring the generator operates optimally.

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