ECHO RB-85 85 lb. Broadcast Spreader

RB-85 Broadcast Spreader: The Ultimate Tool for Large-Scale Lawn Maintenance

Whether tackling extensive commercial properties or maintaining a pristine residential lawn, the ECHO RB-85 Broadcast Spreader is crucial for any serious lawn care program. Its superior design and advanced features ensure effective, efficient spreading, making it indispensable for achieving the lush, healthy, and well-maintained lawn that professionals and homeowners desire.


ECHO RB-85 Heavy-Duty Turf Broadcast Spreader: Professional Grade Precision for Optimal Lawn Care

The ECHO RB-85 Broadcast Spreader combines a robust design with advanced functionality to deliver professional-grade spreading capabilities. Ideal for commercial landscapers and discerning homeowners, this spreader is equipped with an oversized 85 lb. capacity hopper, allowing for extended coverage without frequent refills. Its heavy-duty construction and precision spreading technology ensure even fertilizer, seeds, and pesticide distribution, promoting healthier and more attractive lawns.

Critical Features for Enhanced Performance and Durability

  • 85 lb. Capacity Hopper: This hopper supports more material for fewer refills, enhancing productivity and covering full yards more efficiently.
  • 13-inch Diameter Tires: Ensure easy maneuverability over varied terrains, reducing operator fatigue.
  • Pro-Style “T”-Handle: Places controls within easy reach, improving comfort and control during use.
  • Heavy-Duty Agitator: Breaks clumps to maintain consistent flow and uniform spread patterns.
  • Foot-Operated Deflector Shield: Precisely directs material, preventing distribution into unwanted areas and ensuring targeted application.
  • Powder-Coated Steel Frame: Offers exceptional corrosion resistance for longevity and durability.
  • Factory-Calibrated Spread Pattern: Guarantees accurate and even coverage, reducing waste and enhancing lawn care results.
  • Additional Safety Features: Includes high-visibility ECHO orange coloring for increased safety near roadways and a hopper grate and cover for added security and spill prevention.

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