ECHO MS-5010BP 5 gal. Backpack Sprayer

MS-5010BP: The Ultimate Sprayer for Extended Professional Applications

The ECHO MS-5010BP sets the standard in heavy-duty backpack sprayers, offering unmatched durability, functionality, and ease of use. Whether for agricultural applications or turf management, this sprayer delivers consistent performance that professionals can rely on for effective and efficient application of treatments.


ECHO MS-5010BP Backpack Manual Sprayer: Rugged Durability for Professional Use

The ECHO MS-5010BP is a top-tier, professional-grade backpack manual sprayer built for rigorous daily use. This heavy-duty sprayer features a large 5-gallon tank, ideal for extended operations across turf or agricultural environments. It is perfect for applying a variety of liquid solutions, such as herbicides and fertilizers.

Critical Features for Optimal Performance and Comfort

  • 5-Gallon Capacity Tank: This tank has a wide opening for quick and easy filling, minimizing downtime.
  • Versatile Nozzle Options: Includes adjustable, flat fan, hollow cone, and jet stream nozzles to cater to different application needs.
  • 21-inch Professional-Grade Fiberglass Wand and 50-inch Hose: These provide excellent reach and productivity, allowing for extensive coverage without constant repositioning.
  • Heavy-Duty Nylon-Reinforced Hose: Offers superior durability and chemical resistance, ensuring long-term reliability under harsh conditions.
  • 90 PSI Piston-Style Pump: Delivers powerful long-distance spraying capabilities, ideal for covering large areas.
  • Commercial-Grade Control Valve: Features a comfortable rubber grip, enhancing usability during prolonged spraying tasks.
  • Tank Cap with Built-In Carry Handle and Wand Clips: This cap facilitates easy transport and storage and ensures the wand is securely held during movement.
  • Heavy-Duty Padded Shoulder Straps with Waist Belt: Increases comfort and support, reducing fatigue during extended use.

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