ECHO PE-225 Curved-Shaft Edger

PE-225 Curved-Shaft Edger: The Go-To Tool for Maintaining Pristine Edges

The PE-225 Curved-Shaft Edger is a go-to tool for discerning property owners seeking an easy-to-use solution to maintain pristine edges. Its blend of power, user-friendly features, and durable construction ensures that homeowners can efficiently achieve professional results with minimal effort.


PE-225 Curved-Shaft Edger: Effortless Precision for Discerning Property Owners

The PE-225 Curved-Shaft Edger is the ideal tool for homeowners seeking to maintain professional-looking edges along sidewalks and walkways easily. Powered by a 21.2 cc professional-grade 2-stroke engine, this edger combines reliable performance with durability, making it a popular choice for those who value efficiency and ease of use.

Engineered for Superior Performance and Convenience

  • 21.2 cc Professional-Grade 2-Stroke Engine: This engine delivers outstanding performance and longevity, ensuring the edger can tackle tough dirt and create clean lines effortlessly.
  • i-30™ Starting System: Significantly reduces starting effort by 30%, providing a smoother and quicker start-up process.

Designed with the User in Mind

  • Durable Molded Nylon Shield: Minimizes material kickback, enhancing safety and comfort during use.
  • Heavy-Duty Easy Height-Adjustment Guide Wheel with Captive Wheel Nut: Ensures no hardware is lost, offering durability and ease of adjustment.
  • Tool-Less Access Air Filtration System: Simplifies in-field servicing, allowing easy and convenient maintenance.

Additional Features for Enhanced Efficiency

  • Large Adjustable Placement Front Handle: Offers an easy and controlled grip, ensuring precise edging along landscaping elements.
  • Replaceable Steel Wear Plate: Extends the gear case life, providing additional durability and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

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