ECHO DCS-2500TN Chainsaw

ECHO CS-2511TN: The Ultimate Tool for Professional Arborists

The ECHO CS-2511TN chainsaw is for arborists seeking a lightweight yet powerful tool for high-demand environments. Whether for tree care, landscaping, or utility work, this chainsaw provides the performance, control, and durability needed to do the job efficiently and effectively, reaffirming its position as a must-have in the professional’s toolkit.


ECHO DCS-2500TN: Lightweight Precision for Arborists

The ECHO DCS-2500TN chainsaw is engineered for precision and ease, offering a lightweight design combined with the innovative 80TXL cutting system. This system incorporates a nano-style chain that enhances cutting efficiency while significantly reducing vibration, making it an ideal tool for professional arborists and tree care specialists.

High-Performance Features for Demanding Jobs

  • Brushless Motor: Delivers gas-like power and exceptional performance, ensuring reliability and longevity for rigorous cutting tasks.
  • Easy-Access Internal Debris Screen: This screen prevents wood chips from compromising the motor and electronics, enhancing the chainsaw’s durability and reducing maintenance.
  • Drop-Prevention Lanyard Hook: This hook increases operator safety, especially when working at heights, by securely attaching the chainsaw to prevent accidental drops.
  • MAXOUT™ Technology: Guarantees consistent maximum power output throughout the battery charge, ensuring efficient operation without performance drops.
  • Metal Bumper Spike: Aids in user control and leverage, allowing for more precise and controlled cuts.

Designed with the User in Mind

  • Molded-In Lanyard Hook and Patented Quickdraw Harness Ring: Provide convenient attachment points for safety and ease, facilitating quick adjustments and transitions between tasks.
  • 12-inch Bar Length: This is optimized for larger limbing applications and offers the versatility to tackle a wide range of cutting jobs.

Innovative 80TXL Cutting System

  • Efficient Cutting with Less Vibration: The 80TXL cutting system utilizes a nano-style chain designed to improve cutting efficiency while minimizing vibration, resulting in a smoother and more comfortable user experience.


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