ECHO WT-1610T Tilt Wheeled Trimmer

ECHO WT-1610T: A Robust Tool for Demanding Outdoor Tasks

Ideal for professional landscapers and property managers, the WT-1610T Wheeled Trimmer is built to handle tough tasks with ease. It offers adjustable features that make it versatile for aggressive clearing and precise trimming. Whether managing expansive landscapes or detailed property edges, this wheeled trimmer is designed to make tough trimming tasks manageable and efficient.


ECHO WT-1610T Tilt Wheeled Trimmer: Versatile and Powerful for Rugged Landscapes

The ECHO WT-1610T Tilt Wheeled Trimmer is engineered for superior performance in challenging environments, featuring a unique tilt mechanism and adjustable cutting heights. It’s designed to effortlessly navigate overgrown lots while providing the precision needed for delicate trimming around trees and fences.

Critical Features for Enhanced Trimming Efficiency

  • Adjustable Tilt Feature: Includes three settings (5°, 10°, and 13°) to enhance cutting angles and effectiveness on sloped terrains.
  • Easy-Start Briggs & Stratton® Engine: This engine delivers consistent and reliable power to tackle long grass and tough weeds, ensuring high productivity.
  • 24-Inch Cutting Swath: Offers fast and efficient trimming, reducing the time spent on large areas.
  • Adjustable Cutting Heights: This feature allows the operator to switch between 1-7/8 in. and 2-3/4 in. heights for optimal cutting based on landscape requirements.
  • Easy Line Replacement Design: Minimizes downtime and keeps the workflow smooth and continuous.
  • Fully Collapsible Handlebar: Facilitates easy storage and transport in any vehicle, making it highly portable.
  • Large 15-inch Diameter Wheels with Sealed Ball Bearings: Ensure smooth maneuverability over rough and uneven terrain, enhancing control and reducing effort.

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