ECHO SRM-2620 Straight-Shaft String Trimmer

ECHO SRM-2620: The Go-To Tool for Professional Grade Landscaping

With its robust engine and user-focused features, the ECHO SRM-2620 is essential for professionals seeking a reliable and powerful string trimmer. It delivers precise cuts, providing the durability and performance needed to maintain pristine landscapes.


ECHO SRM-2620 Straight-Shaft String Trimmer: Superior Performance for Professional Landscaping

The ECHO SRM-2620 Straight-Shaft String Trimmer offers high horsepower and a lightweight design, making it a pivotal tool for tackling challenging job sites. Its 25.4 cc professional-grade 2-stroke engine delivers outstanding performance and durability. It’s designed for easy starts under any conditions, proving indispensable for any professional landscaping crew.

Critical Features for Enhanced Efficiency and User Comfort

  • Speed-Feed® 400 Cutting Head: Allows quick and easy line reloading without disassembly, enhancing productivity.
  • Large 20.6 fl. oz. Fuel Tank: Extends runtime between fill-ups, ensuring more work with fewer interruptions.
  • 1.62:1 Gear Reduction: Provides fast and efficient cutting, making it ideal for extensive use.
  • Two-Stage Air Filtration System: Dramatically increases cleaning capability and extends maintenance intervals, reducing downtime.
  • Bellows-Style Fuel Transfer System: Offers effortless restarts in hot, dusty climates, enhancing reliability.
  • Rubber Front and Rear Hand Grips: Ensure extreme user comfort, reducing fatigue during extended operating hours.

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