ECHO GT-225i Curved-Shaft Trimmer

ECHO GT-225i: The Go-To Tool for Hassle-Free Trimming

Whether shaping garden edges or clearing overgrown grass, the ECHO GT-225i Curved-Shaft Trimmer is designed for homeowners who value reliability, ease of use, and effective cutting performance. It combines advanced features with an operator-focused design to deliver a superior trimming experience.


ECHO GT-225i Curved-Shaft Trimmer: Effortless Starting with Robust Performance

The ECHO GT-225i Curved-Shaft Trimmer is engineered for ease and efficiency. It features the i-75™ ignition system, which reduces starting effort by 75%. Its ergonomic design ensures precision control and powerful results, making it perfect for trimming and edging with minimal fatigue.

Key Features Designed for Performance and Comfort

  • 21.2 cc Professional-Grade 2-Stroke Engine: Delivers outstanding performance and durability, suitable for various trimming tasks.
  • 48 in. Curved Shaft: Enhances maneuverability, allowing easier trimming around obstacles and tight spaces.
  • i-75™ Starting System: Significantly eases the starting process, making it quicker and requiring less effort.
  • 2-Line Rapid Loader® Head: Allows lightning-fast line changes, increasing work efficiency.
  • 16 in. Cutting Swath: Offers fast and efficient trimming, covering more area quickly.
  • Ergonomic Adjustable Front Handle: Provides a custom, comfortable fit that adapts to each user, enhancing control.
  • Vibration-Reduction System: Increases operator comfort, reducing fatigue during prolonged use.

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