ECHO DSRM-2100 Straight-Shaft String Trimmer

ECHO DSRM-2100: Your Solution for Quiet and Effective Lawn Maintenance

Perfect for any homeowner looking to maintain their lawn with minimal noise and maximum comfort efficiently, the DSRM-2100 combines the convenience of battery power with the performance of traditional gas trimmers. It’s an environmentally friendly choice that does not compromise on power or efficiency.


ECHO DSRM-2100 Straight-Shaft String Trimmer: Quiet, Efficient, and Battery-Powered

The ECHO DSRM-2100 leverages the eFORCE® 56V battery system to offer a robust, battery-operated trimming solution ideal for residential use. With its quiet operation and zero emissions, this trimmer is perfect for maintaining lawns without disturbing the neighborhood. It combines a lightweight design with cushioned handles for increased comfort and maneuverability.

Critical Features for Enhanced Performance and User Experience

  • Powerful Brushless Motor: Delivers gas-like performance, ensuring robust power and reliability.
  • Hi/Lo Speed Settings: Allows adjustment between high power or extended battery life to suit different cutting conditions.
  • Variable Speed Throttle: Provides precise power control, adapting to varying grass conditions for optimal performance.
  • 14 in. or 16 in. Cutting Swath: Adjustable swath size offers efficient or aggressive cutting, making it versatile for lawn care tasks.
  • Speed-Feed® 400 Head with Silentwist® Trimmer Line: Facilitates quick, tool-free line changes, significantly reducing downtime.
  • Lightweight Design with Cushioned Handles: Enhances maneuverability and reduces fatigue during prolonged use, promoting longer, more comfortable trimming sessions.

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