ECHO SRM-3020U Brushcutter

ECHO SRM-3020U: The Professional’s Choice for Efficient Brush Clearing

Designed to tackle the most demanding conditions, the SRM-3020U is the go-to brushcutter for professionals seeking a reliable, powerful, and ergonomically designed tool for efficient and effective brush clearing.


ECHO SRM-3020U Brushcutter: Unmatched Power and Ergonomic Design for Heavy Brush Clearing

The ECHO SRM-3020U Brushcutter is engineered for professionals who need exceptional power and efficiency in managing heavy brush. Featuring a robust 30.5 cc professional-grade 2-stroke engine that delivers 1.8 hp, this brushcutter combines high torque with outstanding durability to elevate productivity on the most challenging terrains.

Critical Features for Superior Performance

  • 30.5 cc Professional-Grade 2-Stroke Engine: Ensures robust and reliable performance for extensive use.
  • Speed-Feed® 500 Head: Allows quick and effortless line reloading without disassembly, significantly reducing downtime.
  • Ergonomic U-Handle: Integrates throttle control and folds along the shaft for convenient transport and storage, enhancing usability.
  • 20-inch Cutting Swath Nylon Shield: Offers ultimate trimming efficiency and is ready for blade attachment (blade not included), making it versatile for different cutting tasks.
  • Tool-Less Access Two-Stage Air Filtration System: Simplifies maintenance with easy in-field servicing, extending the engine’s life.
  • Large 24.0 fl. oz. Fuel Tank: Provides extended run times between fill-ups, reducing interruptions for refueling.
  • Bellows-Style Fuel Transfer System: Enhances start-ability, especially beneficial for restarts in hot, dusty environments.
  • Flex Cable Drive: Delivers optimal performance with reduced vibration, increasing comfort during long hours of operation.

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