ECHO PB-2620 Handheld Leafblower


PB-2620 Handheld Blower: Professional Power for All-Season Cleanup

The PB-2620 handheld blower by ECHO is a professional-grade tool designed for efficiency and comfort, making all-season cleanup tasks easier for professionals constantly moving. With its powerful features and ergonomic design, this blower is built to quickly power through leaves and debris quickly, ensuring your outdoor spaces are easily maintained.

Engineered for Performance and Durability

  • 25.4 cc Professional-Grade 2-Stroke Engine: Delivers exceptional performance and reliability, making it suitable for the rigorous demands of professional use.
  • Chrome-Plated Cylinder: Enhances engine longevity, ensuring your blower performs optimally.
  • Innovative Air Intake Design: This model features a double-grid air intake to minimize clogging and prevent interference with the user’s clothing, enhancing comfort and efficiency.
  • Advanced Filtration System: A pleated paper primary filter coupled with a foam prefilter is designed to maintain peak performance even in dusty conditions.

Designed for Operator Comfort

  • Ergonomic Rubber Grip Handle: Increases comfort and reduces vibration, allowing extended use without fatigue.
  • Secondary Handle: Provides additional maneuverability and comfort, making it easier to control during prolonged operations.
  • Shoulder Harness Attachment Points: Offers compatibility with a shoulder harness (sold separately), distributing the unit’s weight for easier handling.

Convenient Features for Enhanced Usability

  • Variable-speed cruise Control allows the user to lock the throttle at various settings, facilitating continuous operation without the need to constantly engage the throttle.
  • Versatile Tube Attachments: Includes both round- and flared-end tubes, enabling customization for different conditions and preferences.


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