ECHO PB-255LN Handheld Blower

ECHO PB-255LN: Your Go-To Tool for Quiet and Efficient Cleanup

The ECHO PB-255LN handheld blower is the ideal solution for those seeking a powerful yet quiet tool for maintaining outdoor spaces. Whether clearing leaves after a storm or performing routine yard maintenance, the PB-255LN ensures that tasks are completed efficiently, comfortably, and without unnecessary noise, making it a valued tool in any homeowner’s or professional landscaper’s arsenal.


ECHO PB-255LN Handheld Blower: Quiet Power, Unmatched Comfort

The ECHO PB-255LN emerges as a neighborhood favorite, expertly balancing powerful blowing capabilities with a remarkably low-noise output. This handheld blower combines a lightweight design with ergonomic features to deliver all-day comfort and productivity without disturbing the peace.

Engineered for Performance and Reliability

  • 25.4 cc Professional-Grade 2-Stroke Engine: Offers exceptional performance and durability, ensuring the blower can easily tackle extensive cleanup tasks.

Efficient and Quiet Operation

  • Powerful Blowing Performance: Achieves 354 CFM and 191 MPH, enabling efficient clearing of leaves and debris while maintaining a low noise level.
  • Low Noise Output: At only 65 dB(A)*, it provides a quiet operation suitable for noise-sensitive environments, ensuring you can work without causing disturbance.

Designed for User Convenience

  • Flared End Pipe: Increases air speed, enhancing the blower’s effectiveness for quicker cleanup tasks.
  • Parallel Handles: Improve directional control, aiding in more precise blowing and maneuverability.
  • Posi-Loc™ Pipes: Guarantee a secure, durable connection, enhancing the tool’s overall reliability and ease of use.


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