ECHO PB-760LNT Backpack Blower

ECHO PB-760LNT: The Ultimate Tool for Quiet, Efficient Cleanup

The ECHO PB-760LNT backpack blower is a testament to ECHO’s commitment to innovation. It offers a robust, comfortable, and quiet solution for maintaining outdoor spaces. Whether clearing leaves in residential areas or meeting the challenges of professional landscaping tasks, the PB-760LNT ensures that users can efficiently complete their work without disturbing the peace.


ECHO PB-760LNT Backpack Blower: Supreme Power with Quiet Elegance

The ECHO PB-760LNT reigns as the market’s most potent low-noise backpack blower, skillfully balancing formidable power with the serene operation. Designed with a tube-mounted throttle for enhanced control, this blower emits only 65 decibels while delivering an impressive airflow of 535 CFM at 214 MPH. It embodies the perfect tool for professionals needing to manage vast quantities of leaves without breaching noise ordinances.

Engineered for Peak Performance and Enduring Durability

  • 63.3 cc Professional-Grade 2-Stroke Engine: This engine offers unparalleled performance and reliability, ensuring the blower withstands extensive and intensive use rigors.

Optimized for Productive and Quiet Operation

  • Powerful Blowing Capabilities: Achieves 535 CFM and 214 MPH, enabling high productivity levels while maintaining a meager noise output, ideal for noise-sensitive areas.

Focus on Operator Comfort and Convenience

  • Exclusive Vented Back Pad: This pad circulates cooling air around the user, providing relief in hot conditions and enhancing overall comfort and productivity.
  • Padded Backrest and Shoulder Straps offer all-day comfort and minimize operator fatigue during prolonged usage.

Enhanced Features for User Ease

  • Variable-speed tube-mounted Throttle with Cruise Control: Enhances operator convenience by facilitating easy adjustments to the blower’s power and enabling sustained operation without continuous manual engagement.
  • 65 dB(A) Low Noise Output: This blower meets ANSI B175.2-2012 standards, ensuring quiet operation. It is suitable for environments where noise pollution is a concern.

Durability and Efficiency

  • Side-Mounted Heavy-Duty Dual-Stage Air Filtration: This extends the engine’s life by ensuring clean operation, crucial for maintaining peak performance in dusty environments.
  • Large 68.3 fl. oz. See-Through Fuel Tank: Allows for extended run times and facilitates easy monitoring of fuel levels, minimizing interruptions for refueling.


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