ECHO PB-760LNH Backpack Blower

ECHO PB-760LNH: The Ultimate Choice for Quiet Efficiency

The ECHO PB-760LNH backpack blower is the go-to tool for landscaping professionals and homeowners who require a powerful yet quiet solution for maintaining outdoor spaces. Whether clearing leaves after a storm or managing routine yard maintenance, the PB-760LNH ensures that tasks are completed efficiently, comfortably, and without disturbing the peace.


ECHO PB-760LNH Backpack Blower: Unrivaled Power, Unmatched Quiet

The ECHO PB-760LNH is the market’s most potent low-noise backpack blower, offering the ideal solution for substantial jobs in noise-sensitive areas. With a hip-mounted throttle for precise control, this blower combines a robust 535 CFM at 214 MPH airflow with an impressively quiet operation of only 65 decibels, making it perfect for professional use in quiet neighborhoods.

Engineered for Performance and Comfort

  • 63.3 cc Professional-Grade 2-Stroke Engine: This engine delivers exceptional performance and durability, ensuring the blower can handle extensive tasks with ease.
  • Optimized Blowing Performance: Achieves 535 CFM and 214 MPH, offering high productivity while maintaining a low noise output, ideal for working in noise-restricted areas.

Designed with the Operator in Mind

  • Exclusive Vented Back Pad: This pad circulates cooling air around the user, providing comfort during hot weather and enhancing productivity.
  • Padded Backrest and Shoulder Straps Ensure all-day comfort, reduce fatigue, and allow for extended periods of uninterrupted use.

User-Friendly Features for Enhanced Operation

  • Variable-Speed Hip-Mounted Throttle with Cruise Control: This feature enhances convenience by allowing for easy adjustments to the blower’s power and enabling sustained operation without continuous manual engagement.
  • 65 dB(A) Low Noise Output: Meets ANSI B175.2-2012 standards, ensuring the blower operates quietly, suitable for noise-sensitive environments.

Durability and Efficiency

  • Side-Mounted Heavy-Duty Dual-Stage Air Filtration: Extends the engine’s lifespan by ensuring clean operation, which is crucial for maintaining peak performance in dusty conditions.
  • Large 68.3 fl. oz. See-Through Fuel Tank: This tank allows for extended run times and facilitates easy monitoring of fuel levels, minimizing interruptions.

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