ECHO PB-265LN Backpack Blower

ECHO PB-265LN: A Must-Have Tool for Quiet and Effective Cleanup

The ECHO PB-265LN Backpack Blower stands out as a must-have tool for efficient, comfortable, and quiet clearing of leaves and debris. Whether a professional landscaper or a discerning homeowner, the PB-265LN offers the perfect blend of power and quiet operation.


ECHO PB-265LN Backpack Blower: Power Meets Quiet Efficiency

The ECHO PB-265LN redefines productivity with its low-noise yet high-performance capabilities. Designed for professionals and homeowners, this backpack blower combines a quiet operation with the power to clear tasks efficiently, making it an ideal choice for noise-sensitive environments or areas with strict noise regulations.

Engineered for Superior Performance and Comfort

  • 25.4 cc Professional-Grade 2-Stroke Engine: Delivers outstanding performance and durability, ensuring the blower can easily handle extensive cleanup tasks.
  • Lightweight Construction: The blower’s design focuses on easy carry, facilitating routine lawn maintenance without a heavy load.

Quiet Operation for Noise-Sensitive Environments

  • 65 dB(A) Low Noise Output: This product meets ANSI B175.2-2012 noise standards, making it suitable for use in areas where noise pollution is a concern.

User-Friendly Features for Enhanced Productivity

  • i-30™ Starting System: This system reduces the starting effort by 30%, simplifies the operation process, and makes it more user-friendly.
  • Padded Backrest and Shoulder Strap: These ensure operator comfort, reduce fatigue during extended use, and allow for longer periods of productivity.
  • Variable-Speed Hip-Mounted Throttle with Cruise Control: This feature provides convenience and control, allowing for easy adjustments to the blower’s power output.

Designed with Convenience in Mind

  • 21.3 fl. oz. See-Through Fuel Tank: This tank enables quick fuel level checks, ensuring uninterrupted operation and efficient time management.
  • Posi-Loc™ Pipes: Guarantee a secure and durable connection, enhancing the overall reliability and longevity of the blower.

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