ECHO SC-3013 Chipper/Shredder

SC-3013 Chipper/Shredder: The Ultimate Tool for Yard Cleanup

The SC-3013 Chipper/Shredder is an indispensable companion for anyone seeking to manage yard debris while enhancing their landscaping efficiently. With its powerful engine, durable build, and versatile chipping and shredding capabilities, the SC-3013 effortlessly turns yard waste into valuable landscaping material.


SC-3013 Chipper/Shredder: Transforming Yard Waste into Landscaping Treasure

The SC-3013 Chipper/Shredder embodies professional power and user-friendly features designed to tackle tough jobs efficiently. Powered by a robust 306 cc Briggs and Stratton engine, it quickly turns tree branches and debris up to 3 inches thick into fine chips as small as ¾ inch. Ideal for both refreshing landscaping and efficient yard waste management, the SC-3013 stands out with its versatility and performance.

Critical Features for Enhanced Productivity

  • 306 cc Briggs and Stratton Engine: Delivers exceptional chipping power and enduring durability, ready for extensive use.
  • Multiple Screen Options: It comes with a heavy-duty 7-gauge steel medium coarse debris screen, and three additional sizes are available to suit various applications.
  • Reversible Heat-Treated Blades: Offer prolonged wear capability and increased durability, ensuring reliable performance.

Designed for Ease and Mobility

  • Dual-Handle Locations: Provide convenient transportation and improved maneuverability across uneven terrain.
  • 10-inch Flat-Free Foam-Filled Tires: Guarantee maintenance-free mobility around your property.
  • 14-Gauge Welded Steel Construction: Offers unmatched durability, featuring a robust build superior to bolt-based models.

Versatile and Efficient Debris Management

  • Wide Shredder Hopper: It measures 9.6 inches by 22 inches and accommodates materials up to ¾ inches in diameter for easy feeding.
  • 3-inch Capacity Chipping Shoot: The SC-3013 is capable of handling nearly any yard waste, making it a comprehensive solution for debris reduction.

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