Dirt Dog LLR Rake

The Dirt Dog LLR Landscape Rakes stand out due to their robust construction and versatile adjustment options. The reinforced rake frame ensures durability and prevents flexing, making it ideal for heavy-duty landscaping. The optional dual gauge wheels make maintaining clean, well-groomed lots even easier. This rake is a reliable choice for efficiently managing debris and maintaining a pristine landscape.


Efficient Cleanup for Mid-Sized Tractors

The Dirt Dog LLR Landscape Rakes are ideal for mid-sized tractors, providing the perfect tool for cleaning up debris, limbs, and rocks. Designed to handle the demands of a 40 hp tractor, the LLR series combines strength and versatility, making it an essential addition to any landscaping toolkit.

Key Specifications:

  • Overall Height: 40″
  • Overall Width:
    • LLR60: 5 ft
    • LLR72: 6 ft
    • LLR84: 7 ft
  • Overall Depth: 43″
  • Weight:
    • LLR60: 189 lbs
    • LLR72: 208 lbs
    • LLR84: 226 lbs
  • Angle Adjustment (F-R): 30° – 15°
  • Adjustment Method: Manual
  • Number of Tines:
    • LLR60: 30
    • LLR72: 36
    • LLR84: 42
  • Horsepower (2wd-4wd): Up to 40
  • Lower Pitch Pin Height: 20 1/2″
  • Hitch: 3-Pt. Cat I & Cat I Quick Attach
  • Paint Options: Red, Green, Orange, Blue, or Yellow Powder Coat Paint


  • Category I Quick Hitch Compatible A-Frame: Ensures easy attachment and detachment, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • 5 Forward Angles & 3 Reverse Angles: Provides versatility for different tasks and conditions.
  • 2 Hole 5/16″ × 1″ Heat Treated High Carbon Spring Steel Tines: Offer durability and superior performance.
  • Reinforced 4″ × 4″ × 1/4″ Rake Frame: Prevents flexing and maintains strength during heavy-duty tasks.
  • Optional Dual Gauge Wheels: Enhance stability and control during operation.


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