Dirt Dog RC100 Rotary Cutter

The RC100 Series Rotary Cutters’ innovative design and robust features stand out. The domed deck design and smooth top deck make maintenance easy, while the replaceable bolt-on skids add strength and longevity. These cutters are built to handle harsh conditions easily, making them a reliable choice for all your mowing needs.


Raising the Bar in Rotary Cutting

The Dirt Dog RC100 Series Rotary Cutters are engineered to set a new standard in the rotary cutter market. Developed and built in Commerce, Georgia, this line of standard-duty rotary cutters offers 4-foot, 5-foot, and 6-foot widths models, perfect for handling various mowing tasks. These cutters are designed to provide a clean cut and excellent finish in light and heavy grass conditions, and they can also handle light brushes up to 1.5 inches in diameter.

Key Specifications:

  • Models: RC104, RC105, RC106
  • Weight:
    • RC104: 420 lbs
    • RC105: 508 lbs
    • RC106: 600 lbs
  • Cutting Width:
    • RC104: 4 feet
    • RC105: 5 feet
    • RC106: 6 feet
  • Minimum Cutting Height: 2″
  • Cut Capacity: Grass, weeds, light brush (1.5″ diameter)
  • Hitch Type: CAT 1, Quick Hitch Compatible
  • Deck Material Thickness: 10 Gauge
  • Sideband Thickness: 10 Gauge
  • Deck Height: 7″
  • Gearbox HP Rating: 60 hp
  • Gearbox Ratio:
    • RC104 & RC105: 1:1.93
    • RC106: 1:1.47
  • Tractor PTO Speed: 540 RPM
  • Tractor Horsepower Recommendation:
    • RC104: 18-40 hp
    • RC105 & RC106: 20-60 hp
  • Driveline: ASAE Category 3 with shear bolt protection
  • Stump Jumper: Round pan, 10 ga, 22″ diameter
  • Blades: 1/2″ x 3″ Hardened alloy steel, free-swinging
  • Blade Tip Speed:
    • RC104: 12,841 Ft/Min
    • RC105: 16,120 Ft/Min
    • RC106: 14,359 Ft/Min
  • Blade Bolts: Keyed with a hardened lock washer and nut
  • Skids: 1/4″, Bolt-on, Replaceable
  • Tailwheel: 4″ x 15″ Laminated tire
  • Safety Guards: Rubber front, Metal rear
  • Warranty: 3-year limited gearbox warranty
  • Colors Available: Red, Orange, Green, Blue


  • Innovative A-Frame Pivot Mechanism: Provides an industry-leading 23° of motion to assist in mowing over rolling terrain and eliminates traditional pinch points associated with hitching/unhitching.
  • Domed Deck Design: Promotes water runoff to prevent puddling and rusting, keeping the deck dry.
  • Smooth Top Deck: Extended over side bands for a soft, easy-to-clean surface.
  • Replaceable Bolt-On Skids: Provide quick replacement and added strength to the cutter’s sidebands.
  • Category 1 Standard and Quick Hitch Compatible: Ensures compatibility with various tractors.
  • Single Beam Tailwheel Design: Minimizes the risk of backing up or swinging into an object when mowing.
  • Segmented Rear Tire with Replaceable Bushings: Ensures extended life and durability.


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