Exmark Radius E-Series RZE708GEM52300 4th of July Sale


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Ideal for Extensive Landscaping Needs:

The Exmark Radius E-Series RZE708GEM52300 combines cutting-edge features with rugged construction, making it an ideal choice for professionals and homeowners who require a dependable, high-performance mowing solution. Whether for large commercial properties or sophisticated residential lawns, this mower delivers efficiency, durability, and precision, ensuring every job is done to the highest standard.


Exmark Radius E-Series RZE708GEM52300: Professional Mowing Excellence

The Exmark Radius E-Series RZE708GEM52300 is engineered for landscape maintenance professionals and discerning homeowners seeking professional-grade performance at an accessible price. This mower, equipped with a 52-inch UltraCut Series 3 cutting deck, offers exceptional cut quality, durability, and reduced maintenance.

Key Features:

  • 52-inch UltraCut Series 3 Cutting Deck: This deck features Exmark’s exclusive maintenance-free sealed-bearing spindle assemblies, enhancing durability and reducing downtime. Its deep deck design ensures superior cutting performance, even under the harshest conditions.
  • Exmark Twin-Cylinder Commercial Engine: Delivers robust power and reliability, ensuring efficient operation for extensive mowing tasks.
  • Superior Operator Comfort: This model includes an isolated footrest and optional seat suspension to reduce vibration and enhance comfort during long mowing sessions.

Advanced Design and Construction:

  • Heavy-Duty Fabricated Frame: Built from 2×3-inch frame tubes, the fully welded frame enhances the mower’s stability and handling by lowering the center of gravity and improving mass centralization.
  • Adjustable Rollover Protection System (ROPS): Easily adjustable up and down, designed for safety and flexibility, and accommodates various accessories.

Ease of Use and Maintenance:

  • Patented Height of Cut Adjustment: This feature allows for quick and precise height adjustments from the operator’s seat, making it user-friendly and convenient for varying lawn conditions.
  • Large Tires: Equipped with smooth-rolling 23-inch drive tires and large 13×6.5-inch caster tires for enhanced traction and maneuverability on different terrains.

Versatile Mowing Capabilities:

  • Diverse Discharge Options: This unit handles side discharge and can mulch and bag, offering flexibility based on specific landscape needs.

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