LS Tractor LL3300 Front End Loader

The LL3300 front-end loader from LS Tractor is built to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Its robust construction and advanced features make it indispensable for enhancing the functionality and productivity of LS Tractors in any demanding setting.


The LS Tractor LL3300 front-end loader is specifically designed to be compatible with the LS Tractor models MT225E and MT225HE. It offers excellent performance characteristics for various tasks, including agriculture, landscaping, and light construction, enhancing the tractor’s utility and efficiency.

Key Features of the LS Tractor LL3300 Front End Loader:

  • Lifting Performance:
    • Maximum Lift Height: 92 inches, allowing for effective high-level operations.
    • Lift Capacity (at Pivot Pin): 1608 lbs, capable of efficiently handling substantial loads.
    • Breakout Force (at Pivot Pin): 2701 lbs, powerful enough for tough digging and material handling tasks.
  • Operational Efficiency:
    • Clearance with Attachment Dump: 63.2 inches, providing ample space for efficient material management.
    • Reach Maximum Height: 15.7 inches, optimizing utility at full extension.
    • Maximum Dump Angle: 58 degrees, facilitating easy and efficient unloading.
    • Maximum Rollback Angle: 40 degrees, excellent for retaining loads during transport.
    • Digging Depth: 7.6 inches, suitable for effective excavation and grading.
  • Construction and Design:
    • Overall Height in Carry Position: 50.6 inches, maintaining a low profile for easy operation under various conditions.
    • Approximate Weight (Loader without Bucket): 648 lbs, ensuring stability and durability without overly burdening the tractor.
    • Bucket Width: 66 inches, providing a broad working area for increased productivity.
    • Standard Quick-Attach Skid-Steer Compatible: Enhances flexibility with easy interchangeability of attachments, increasing operational versatility.


  • It is specifically engineered for seamless operation with LS Tractor models MT225E and MT225HE, ensuring optimal performance and handling.


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