Ferris ISX™ 800 5902084


Ferris ISX™ 800: Elevating Mowing Comfort and Efficiency

The Ferris ISX™ 800 stands at the forefront of lawn care innovation, engineered to maximize comfort, efficiency, and productivity. Incorporating new OilXtend™ technology alongside next-generation Ferris features like the ForeFront™ Suspension System and iCD™+ Cutting Systems, the ISX™ 800 delivers an unmatched mowing experience with prolonged productivity and superior cut quality.

Innovative OilXtend™ Technology

The new OilXtend™ system significantly boosts productivity and reduces downtime, extending service intervals to 250 hours—2.5 times longer than the industry standard (5902172 only), ensuring your mower stays operational longer with less maintenance.

Advanced iCD™+ Cutting System

Experience next-level performance with the redesigned iCD™+ Cutting System available on select models. Engineered for increased durability and exceptional mowing results, this cutting system sets a new standard for what you can expect from your mowing equipment.

Convenient USB Port for On-the-Go Charging

A new addition to the ISX™ 800 is a 12V-60V USB Type A & C port located on the dash panel, offering easy access for charging mobile devices directly from the mower.

EFI-ETC Engine Technology for Smooth Performance

Select models of the ISX™ 800 feature the Briggs & Stratton Commercial Series engine equipped with EFI-ETC technology, ensuring easy starts and smooth, consistent engine performance throughout the mowing job.

ForeFront™ Suspension System for a Smoother Ride

The ForeFront™ Suspension System utilizes upper and lower control rods to maintain a vertical position of the front caster bearings throughout the full range of travel, resulting in a smoother ride, more precise terrain tracing, and an improved cut quality.

Integrated High-Performance Transmission

Equipped with commercial-grade Hydro-Gear® ZT-3400™ transaxles, featuring 7″ cooling fans for high performance, the ISX™ 800 is designed for durability and easy maintenance, ensuring reliable operation season after season.

User-Friendly Maintenance and Cleaning

The ISX™ 800 offers convenient access for maintenance and cleaning, with quick removal of the floor pan providing easy access to the top of the deck, simplifying service tasks, and ensuring your mower remains in top condition.


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