ECHO EGi-3600LN 3600W Low Noise Generator/Inverter

EGi-3600LN: The Ideal Companion for Silent Power Needs

The EGi-3600LN Generator/Inverter is your go-to choice when you need power without disruption. Perfect for those who value silence as much as performance, it offers a blend of efficiency, convenience, and quiet operation. It is a versatile tool for emergency home backup, outdoor activities, or any scenario where noise is a concern.


EGi-3600LN Low-Noise Generator/Inverter: Quiet Power Whenever You Need It

The EGi-3600LN low-noise generator/inverter provides ample power while maintaining ultra-quiet operation. Designed with the latest technology to eliminate the common hassles associated with traditional generators, it offers an innovative solution for emergency home power, portable off-grid power, or any situation where quiet operation is essential.

Critical Features for Enhanced Performance and Usability

  • 212 cc 4-Stroke Engine: Ensures reliable power delivery for various applications, whether at home or off-grid.
  • Auto-Idle Capability: This feature automatically adjusts the engine’s power output to save fuel, enhancing efficiency for longer operation times.
  • Electric Start: Provides hassle-free operation by eliminating the need to manually pull start the engine, offering convenience at the push of a button.
  • Parallel Connection Capable: Allows for the coupling of two units to double the power output, providing flexibility for more demanding power needs.
  • LED Control Panel: This panel clearly displays fuel level and power usage, ensuring easy monitoring of the generator’s status and performance.

Designed for Quiet Operation

  • Ultra Quiet Operation: This makes it ideal for use in close quarters, ensuring that you can enjoy power without the noise, whether you’re camping, working late at night, or using it in a residential area.

    *DISCLAIMER: Locate generator at least 20 FT away to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide getting inside the home

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