ECHO RB-85S 85 lb. Broadcast Spreader

RB-85S Broadcast Spreader: Your Professional Partner in Lawn Maintenance

The ECHO RB-85S Broadcast Spreader is a powerhouse designed for the rigorous demands of professional landscaping. Whether applying seed, fertilizer, or control products, this spreader delivers unparalleled performance, ensuring your lawns are healthy and beautifully maintained.


ECHO RB-85S Heavy-Duty Turf Broadcast Spreader: Durable and Reliable for Professional Use

The ECHO RB-85S Broadcast Spreader is crafted for all-weather durability and robust functionality, making it an essential tool for professional landscapers. Featuring a stainless steel frame and oversized 13-inch tires, this spreader is built to withstand harsh weather conditions and diverse terrains. Its 85-lb. capacity hopper reduces the need for frequent refills, enhancing productivity and coverage across large areas.

Key Features Designed for Optimal Performance and Convenience

  • 85 lb. Capacity Hopper: Holds substantial material, allowing for extensive yard coverage with fewer reloads.
  • Pro-Style “T”-Handle: Places controls within easy reach, ensuring comfort and convenience for prolonged use.
  • Heavy-Duty Agitator: Effectively breaks up clumps to maintain a steady material flow and uniform distribution.
  • Factory-Calibrated Spread Pattern: Guarantees even and accurate coverage, optimizing the effectiveness of fertilizers and seeds.
  • Stainless Steel Frame: Offers exceptional resistance against corrosion and wear, suited for any weather condition.
  • Foot-Operated Side Deflector: Enables precise control over the spread area, preventing material from spreading into unwanted areas.
  • High-Visibility ECHO Orange: Increases safety by enhancing the spreader’s visibility, mainly when working near roadways.

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