ECHO RB-60 60 lb. Heavy-Duty Broadcast Spreader

RB-60 Broadcast Spreader: Your Tool for a Lusher, More Beautiful Lawn

Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a homeowner dedicated to lawn perfection, the ECHO RB-60 Broadcast Spreader offers the reliability, ease of use, and efficiency needed to maintain beautiful, healthy lawns efficiently and effectively.


ECHO RB-60 Heavy-Duty Turf Broadcast Spreader: Efficient Coverage for Perfect Lawns

The ECHO RB-60 Broadcast Spreader is designed to efficiently handle various lawn care materials, from seeds and fertilizers to pesticides. With a robust 60 lb. capacity hopper and a spread pattern of up to 8 feet wide, this tool is ideal for achieving even and effective distribution, making it essential for commercial and residential lawn maintenance.

Critical Features for Maximum Efficiency and Ease of Use

  • 60 lb. Capacity Hopper: Holds a significant amount of material, allowing for coverage of over half an acre (25,000 sq. ft.) per load.
  • Quick Assembly: It sets up in less than one minute and does not require complicated setup processes, enabling immediate use right out of the box.
  • Commercial “T”-Handle Frame: Engineered for comfort and durability, making operating easy over extended periods.
  • 10-Inch Pneumatic Tires: Provide smooth maneuverability across different lawn types, enhancing ease of movement.
  • Side Deflector: Enables precise control over the spread area, preventing waste and ensuring material is only applied where needed.
  • Heavy-Duty Agitator: Prevents material clumping within the hopper, ensuring a consistent spread pattern and reliable performance.

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