ECHO MS-31H 3 gal. Handheld Sprayer

MS-31H Handheld Sprayer: A Reliable Partner for Your Spraying Needs

Whether for gardening, pest control, or maintenance tasks, the MS-31H Handheld Sprayer stands out as a dependable tool. It combines efficient performance, user-friendly features, and durable construction, making it essential for achieving optimal results in your spraying projects.


MS-31H Handheld Sprayer: Maximizing Efficiency in Spraying Tasks

The MS-31H Handheld Sprayer is designed for superior performance and convenience, featuring a generous 3-gallon capacity and a powerful 45 PSI piston-style pump. Ideal for a wide range of applications, this sprayer is enhanced with Viton® pump seals, ensuring durability and a significant reduction in required pumping effort—45% fewer pumps are needed. The UV inhibitors protect the tank from sunlight and heat damage, while the 20-inch stainless steel wand offers versatility with brass adjustable, fixed fan, and fixed cone nozzles for precise application.

Critical Features for Enhanced Performance and Usability

  • 3-Gallon Capacity: Provides ample volume for extensive spraying tasks without frequent refills.
  • 45 PSI Piston-Style Pump: Delivers easy and efficient spraying capabilities across various applications.
  • Ergonomic Handle with Viton® Seals: Offers comfort and durability, pressurizing the tank with minimal effort.
  • 20-inch Stainless Steel Wand: Includes brass nozzles for adjustable spray patterns, adding convenience and versatility.
  • UV Inhibitors: Protect the tank from damage caused by sunlight and heat, ensuring longevity.

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