ECHO MS-2310H 2 gal. Handheld Sprayer

MS-2310H Handheld Sprayer: Your Go-To for Efficient Spraying Tasks

Whether you’re tackling cleaning tasks, sanitizing areas, or applying chemicals, the MS-2310H Handheld Sprayer offers the flexibility, efficiency, and ease of use you need. Its durable construction and professional-grade features make it indispensable for achieving optimal results in your home or shop projects.


MS-2310H Handheld Sprayer: Versatile Spraying Solution for Home and Shop

The MS-2310H Handheld Sprayer, with its 2-gallon capacity and 45 PSI, is designed for versatile home and shop use. This sprayer features a lightweight design and a wide mouth opening, simplifying filling and cleaning. Equipped with a high-capacity professional-grade pump and a 21-inch fiberglass wand, the MS-2310H is perfect for various tasks, from cleaning and sanitizing to applying harsh chemicals indoors and outdoors.

Critical Features for Enhanced Spraying Efficiency

  • 2-Gallon Capacity: Offers ample volume for extensive spraying tasks.
  • Four Nozzle Types: Includes adjustable, flat fan, hollow cone, and jet stream nozzles for varied applications.
  • Professional-Grade Pump: Allows for quick pressurization with fewer strokes, enhancing efficiency.
  • 21-Inch Fiberglass Wand: Provides extended reach for convenient spraying.
  • In-Line Filtration System: Simplifies cleaning and maintenance.
  • Lockable Spray Valve: Supports continuous spraying, reducing operator fatigue.

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