ECHO PE-2620 Straight-Shaft Edger

PE-2620S Straight-Shaft Edger: The Professional’s Choice for Precision Edging

The PE-2620S Straight-Shaft Edger is designed for professionals who demand excellence in their edging tasks. Its combination of powerful performance, user-friendly features, and durable construction provides an efficient solution for maintaining perfect landscape edges, even over long workdays.


PE-2620S Straight-Shaft Edger: Excellence in Edging for Professionals

The PE-2620S Straight-Shaft Edger combines power, performance, and precision into a lightweight tool that meets professional landscaping demands. A 25.4 cc professional-grade 2-stroke engine delivers outstanding performance and durability, making it an essential tool for creating clean, professional lines across extensive landscapes.

Engineered for Optimal Performance and Ease of Use

  • 25.4 cc Professional-Grade 2-Stroke Engine: Provides exceptional power and durability, ready for extensive use in any conditions.
  • 59 in. Straight Shaft: Offers enhanced maneuverability in tight spaces, ensuring precise edging around landscaping elements.

User-Friendly Design for Maintenance and Operation

  • Tool-Less Access Air Filtration System: Simplifies in-field servicing, providing easy and convenient maintenance.
  • Two-Stage Air Filtration: Significantly increases cleaning capability and extends maintenance intervals, ensuring the edger remains in top condition.
  • Large 20.6 fl. oz. See-Through Fuel Tank: This tank allows for extended runtime between fill-ups and facilitates easy fuel level checks.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Efficiency

  • Bellows-Style Fuel Transfer System: Ensures easy starting, particularly beneficial for restarts in hot, dusty climates.
  • 2:1 High-Torque Gear Ratio: Powers through tough, overgrown grass and weeds, enhancing cutting efficiency.
  • Contoured Aluminum Debris Shield with Cut-Away Open Face: Reduces clogging for smoother operation and easier maintenance.

Durable and Reliable for Professional Use

  • Heavy-Duty Easy Height-Adjustment Guide Wheel with Captive Wheel Nut: Eliminates the chance of losing hardware, ensuring durability and reliability.

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