ECHO DPE-2100 Curved-Shaft Edger

ECHO DPE-2100: Elevate Your Edging Experience

The ECHO DPE-2100 is essential for achieving clean, professional-looking edges along sidewalks, driveways, and garden beds. With its powerful performance, user-friendly design, and durable construction, the DPE-2100 transforms edging from a chore into an effortless task, making it an indispensable asset for maintaining immaculate outdoor spaces.


ECHO DPE-2100: The Edge of Innovation for Professional Landscaping

The 56V ECHO eFORCE® DPE-2100 edger is designed to combine the power and reliability of gas-powered tools with the convenience and eco-friendliness of battery operation. Modeled after the gas-powered PE-225, the DPE-2100 promises the same commercial-grade performance with the added benefits of ECHO’s advanced battery technology. This tool is perfect for professionals and homeowners alike who seek a pristine, professional edge on their property.

Critical Features for Enhanced Performance and Usability

  • Powerful Brushless Motor: Delivers gas-like performance without emissions, noise, or the hassle of fuel.
  • Durable Molded Nylon Shield: This shield prevents material buildup and is designed to avoid snagging in tall grass, ensuring smooth operation.
  • Heavy-Duty Easy Height-Adjustment Guide Wheel: Features a captive wheel nut to eliminate the chance of losing hardware, facilitating easy adjustments.
  • Variable-Speed Throttle with Two Speed Settings: Offers control over cutting speed, allowing users to adjust for extended battery life or increased power as needed.
  • Large Adjustable Placement Front Handle: Ensures an easy, controlled grip, enhancing maneuverability and comfort.
  • Replaceable Steel Wear Plate: Prolongs the life of the gear case, contributing to the edger’s longevity and reliability.

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