ECHO CS-680 Chainsaw

ECHO CS-680: A Powerhouse for the Professional’s Toolbox

The ECHO CS-680 chainsaw emerges as the go-to tool for professionals seeking a robust, durable, and comfortable solution for their most challenging tasks. With its potent engine, enhanced cutting system, and user-centric design, the CS-680 ensures that professionals can complete their work efficiently and effectively, making it an indispensable part of any professional arborist or logger’s equipment arsenal.


ECHO CS-680 Chainsaw: The Professional’s Choice for Heavy-Duty Performance

The ECHO CS-680 is a titan in the professional chainsaw market, offering a remarkable blend of power and precision for those whose livelihood depends on reliable performance. Equipped with a 66.8 cc professional-grade 2-stroke engine, this chainsaw is designed to tackle the most formidable jobs, from large-scale felling to demanding cleanup tasks.

Engineered for Optimal Performance and Durability

  • 66.8 cc Professional-Grade 2-Stroke Engine: This engine ensures outstanding performance and longevity and is ready to meet the rigorous demands of professional use.
  • Performance Cutting System™: This system features an upgraded bar and aggressive chain, enhancing cutting performance for faster, more efficient work.

Designed with Operator Comfort and Control in Mind

  • Aluminum Handle with Rubber Grip: Offers improved comfort and control, making extended use more manageable and less fatiguing.

Optimized for Efficiency and Maintenance

  • Automatic Adjustable Oiler with Manual Over-ride: Matches cutting conditions with the appropriate oil output, reducing oil consumption and optimizing operation.
  • Heavy-Duty Easy-Access Automotive-Style Air Filter: This filter delivers superior filtration and simplifies maintenance, ensuring the chainsaw operates at peak efficiency.

Versatility for Various Professional Needs

  • Available in 20, 24, and 27-inch Bar Lengths, these provide the flexibility needed to tackle large jobs, offering professionals the right tool for tasks of any scale.

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