ECHO WT-1610 Wheeled Trimmer

ECHO WT-1610: A Robust Solution for Comprehensive Trimming

Ideal for professional landscapers and property managers, the WT-1610 Wheeled Trimmer combines power, precision, and durability. Whether maintaining expansive landscapes or detailed property edges, this wheeled trimmer is designed to make demanding trimming tasks manageable and efficient.


ECHO WT-1610 Wheeled Trimmer: Precision and Power for Tough Terrains

The ECHO WT-1610 Wheeled Trimmer is engineered to tackle challenging and hard-to-reach areas quickly. Featuring a robust 24-inch cutting swath and the ability to pivot up to 7.5°, this trimmer excels along fences, rocks, retaining walls, and other obstacles, ensuring thorough and efficient trimming beyond the wheelbase.

Critical Features for Enhanced Performance and Usability

  • The Easy-Start Briggs & Stratton® OHV Engine delivers reliable power and is capable of effortlessly cutting through long grass and tough weeds.
  • 24-Inch Cutting Swath: Provides fast and efficient trimming, covering more area with each pass.
  • Adjustable Handlebar: Offers ergonomic adjustments for comfortable use and folds for compact storage.
  • Pivot Deck Design: The trimmer’s body can pivot 2 inches or 7.5 inches to the left or right at the nose, reaching further beyond the wheels for optimal cutting.
  • Enclosed 10-Gauge Steel Housing: Protects internal components from debris, enhancing durability.
  • Large 15-inch Diameter Wheels with Sealed Ball Bearings: Ensure smooth maneuverability over rough terrain, improving control and reducing effort.
  • Removable Nose Piece: Simplifies belt inspection and maintenance.
  • Easy Line Replacement Design: Minimizes downtime and keeps productivity high.

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