ECHO GT-225L Curved-Shaft Trimmer

ECHO GT-225L: A Reliable Tool for Extensive Trimming Tasks

With its long reach and user-focused design, the ECHO GT-225L Curved-Shaft Trimmer is perfect for landscapers and garden enthusiasts who need an efficient and comfortable tool to maintain expansive landscapes. This trimmer combines power, productivity, and ergonomic features to ensure high performance and ease of use across all trimming operations.


ECHO GT-225L Curved-Shaft Trimmer: Extended Reach for Enhanced Productivity

The ECHO GT-225L Curved-Shaft Trimmer is designed to offer optimal comfort and efficiency. It features a 55-inch shaft for increased reach and minimized effort. This trimmer is ideal for professionals seeking performance and durability without the strain of extended use. Its 21.2 cc professional-grade 2-stroke engine ensures robust performance and longevity, making it suitable for various trimming tasks.

Critical Features for Superior Performance and Ease of Use

  • 55 in. Curved Shaft: Provides extended reach, allowing easier trimming around and under obstacles.
  • Speed-Feed® 400 Trimmer Head: Allows quick and easy line reloading without disassembly, significantly reducing downtime.
  • i-30™ Starting System: Reduces starting effort by 30%, enhancing user convenience and reducing fatigue.
  • 16 in. Cutting Swath: Offers fast and efficient trimming, covering more area in less time.
  • Vibration-Reduction System: Minimizes operator fatigue by reducing vibrations during prolonged use.
  • Rubber Throttle Handle: Provides an ergonomic grip for comfortable handling and control during operation.

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