Kawasaki FJ180V Engine

The Kawasaki FJ180V engine’s dual-element air cleaner ensures your equipment runs smoothly and efficiently, making it a reliable choice for professional and home use in various applications.


Compact Power for Versatile Applications

The Kawasaki FJ180V engine is designed for versatility and strength in a compact, lightweight package. This single-cylinder, overhead-valve engine provides the reliable power needed for various applications, from walk-behind mowers and golf-course equipment to construction and agricultural machinery.

Key Features:

  • High Displacement and Power:
    • Displacement: 179 cc (10.9 cu. in.)
    • Maximum power: (Not specified in the document)
    • Maximum Torque: (Not specified in the document)
  • Engine Design:
    • Number of Cylinders: 1
    • Bore x Stroke: 2.6 x 2.1 in. (65 x 54 mm)
    • Compression Ratio: 8.5:1
    • Overhead Valve Design: Enhances engine efficiency and performance
  • Durability and Efficiency:
    • Oil Capacity (w/filter): 0.6 quart (0.6 liter)
    • Dry Weight: 37.5 lbs (17.0 kg)
    • Cast Iron Cylinder Liners: Enhance durability and longevity
    • Dual-Element Air Cleaner: Ensures clean air intake and extends engine life
    • Low-Tone Muffler with Guard: Reduces noise and protects the engine
  • Advanced Features:
    • Flywheel Magneto Transistor Ignition: Provides reliable starting and optimized performance
    • Recoil Starter with Automatic Compression Release: Facilitates easy starting
    • Fuel Shut-Off Valve: Ensures efficient fuel management and safety


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